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Touted the "Resume Guru" by CNN, and the country's top salary & negotiation for women expert.

Olivia is at the helm of a movement that teaches women everywhere to master their careers and earn an enviable salary. An award winning, international best-selling author of KNOW YOUR WORTH GET YOUR WORTH, Olivia's work has been featured all over the media, including Forbes, CNN, BBC, Monster, Fast Company, Recruiter, MSNBC, Lifehack, Learnvest, Entrepreneur Magazine, The World Economic Forum and hundreds of others.

The ultimate gender wage gap expert, motivator and persuasion coach, Olivia is the leading international speaker in her field. Followed by THOUSANDS OF WOMEN, Olivia and her team teach women to get EXACTLY what they want out of their lives and careers by using tools they already have within themselves.

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All women need to understand that success is well within our reach. HER Career Talk is all about giving you the tools, inspiration, and advice you need to live out your dreams! Learn the success formulas from the top experts in our world.

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How you show up for anything is how you show up for everything. This is why I’ve taken upon myself the mission of uncovering the secret recipe to some of the most inspiring people of our time.

They’ve all mastered the secrets to success in their industry and better yet, they are here to share with you some immediately actionable steps for you to achieve the same!

Tune in to HER Career Talk to get a jolt of inspiration and get practical, actionable tools to get back on track with achieving your biggest ambitions!

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Having helped over 10,000 women get back on track with a purpose-driven career, and get paid what they deserve, Olivia is an award-winning author and sought after International Speaker. 

Olivia is on a mission to help ambitious, driven women break through the glass ceilings that keep them from living their purpose and earning what they deserve.

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Olivia is an internationally recognized expert on the gender wage gap and salary negotiations for women and she is considered one of the top resume experts in the United States. Together with her team of experts, Olivia helps women all over the world figure out their market value and how to advocate for it.

In the corporate realm, Olivia works with companies to uncover budget-neutral ways to close internal gaps and is often invited as well to lecture and engage with all levels of company audiences. 

On a global scale, Olivia guides international workshops and advises international development organizations on strategies for closing the gender wage gap.

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