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Everything we offer is designed to help you create a career you love.


Private Coaching With Olivia

If you are ready to have it all, be in your full power, bring your purpose to the world and obtain financial freedom while doing so. Then Olivia is ready to venture on the journey with you and your time is now.

You deserve a great career. You deserve the big paychecks. But, it’s up to you to take action. Olivia want to share the tools that’ll give you the courage and confidence to create the career of your dreams and the salary you know you deserve without fearing rejection. You will experience the most productive call you’ve ever spent. You’ll achieved more in the call together with Olivia than you imagine. Craft your roadmap, get really clear on what you want to achieve. Craft your blueprint, that can help you get a clear support on your momentum. Rest assured, you’ve come to the right place. Olivia, help women like you with every angle of your career. Olivia will help you craft the road map, for you to discover your dream job, craft the perfect resume, nail that interview, land your dream job, and earn an enviable salary.


Salary Coaching For Women

Take control of your salary

Let’s figure out your REAL market value and craft that personalized negotiation strategy to get you paid.


Know Your Worth, Get Your Worth

Ever wondered how to negotiate like an expert and get paid what you deserve? Here’s your secret guide to never again falling prey of the gender wage gap.

Businesses that allow them to quit their corporate hustle, retire with their partner, travel the world, profit from their passions, and spend more time with the people they love. All because they’re earning more, and working less.


The Unapologetically Wealthy Woman

This book is for a woman who decides she’s done with apologizing for being herself and decides to step into her big girl shoes un-apologetically.

The Unapologetically Wealthy Woman will demystify the truth about women, money, and how you can take back control of your financial reality. By the time you are done with this book, you’ll know how to crack the code of financial liberation and abundance for yourself
and all other women in your life.


Her Mindset Reset

To all the women who dare believe they are worthy of igniting a wildly successful life & career. 

Time to hit the  reset on your mindset. Unleash and unlock your potential to secure your success.

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EmpowHER Society

You’re under-earning and you know it. Ready to reclaim your worth?

If you’re ready to stop the money struggle, to uncover your purpose and get paid what you deserve, then the EmpowHER Society is for you. With the EmpowHer Society you’ll learn how to treat your career like a business, take back control, and earn massive ROI on your greatest asset – yourself! For $97/Mon.

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Business Mavens Mastermind

Make more money with your coaching and consulting business. On your terms and doing only what you love.

Stop the hustle and make more money online faster and doing what you love. It’s time to say yes to bringing what’s inside of you to life, and to making more money online faster by being fully you and doing what you love. Olivia know that you are a high achiever, a badass, successful and driven as all get out, someone willing to do the work. Others look to you and wonder how you do it all. They see you as a superwoman, someone who can’t be stopped and will not be stopped. 

If you’d love daily live support, coaching, become part of mastermind group of badass women entrepreneurs, and the exact learning and guidance you need from an online coach and creator who has ‘done it all’ when it comes to the ups and downs of business from soul and who can help you to make MORE money, faster, by being fully you, and all on your terms, then YES! This is the mastermind for you. For $297/Mon.

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Money Mindset Challenge

3 Days to completely overhaul all your beliefs about money.

This 3 day pre-recorded challenge is designed to help women get rid of the money baggage and welcome more positive money energy (and real money!) into their lives. So, are you going to continue to stay stuck in a scarcity mindset, always struggling to get ahead?
Or are you going to join me so I can show you how to break free of your money struggles, how to become more energetically aligned with money, and how to get more money finding you? Because if I can energetically attract more money and opportunities to me, then can you, too! I hope to see you there! Full Course for $111 (Normally $297)

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Her LinkedIn Challenge

Two weeks to being a LinkedIn Ninja.

Harness YOUR PROFESSIONAL power by showcasing it where it’s already in you 24/7: LinkedIn. Take this back control of your professional brand with this two week challenge and strategically increase your visibility on LinkedIn, while instigating the career breakthrough you crave. Full Course for only $47

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Negotiation Online Training

Learn the four mistakes women make in negotiation, and how to avoid them.

Have you ever noticed that while you may start with negotiations with a clear plan, they quickly go off the rails and off track quickly? Are you making one of the top 4 MISTAKES most women make in negotiations? Come with me as I show you what each mistake is, and how you can avoid them. This course can be done in under an hour and comes with a very handy playbook for you to write out your homework. Full Course for $111 (Normally $297)

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The Resume Project

Come with me to overhaul your resume.

Want To Burn Your Resume? Go ahead, be my guest. Stop going stir-crazy trying to piece a resume together. Same goes for your cover letter and networking emails… Take my highest converting scripts for EVERYTHING and leapfrog the resume pile. Need proof? When CNN called me out on being the “Resume Guru” they put me to the test: We found an unemployed single mom (actively seeking a job for 7 months) and got her hired in less than 3 weeks. She went from unemployed to DREAM-EMPLOYED, earning more than she ever dreamed of earning. Full Course for $127 (Normally $297)

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Land Your Dream Career

Feeling stuck? Are you on the wrong track, or in a job you hate? 

Stop wasting away in career oblivion and uncover your true calling. Get unstuck fast with my proven training. Stop spinning your wheels, obliterate doubt and get absolute clarity on where your next move takes you. Never settle for mediocre again! Full Course for $127 (Normally $1,673)

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The LinkedIn Project

A complete LinkedIn boot camp that can help harness the power of you on LinkedIn.

If you’re looking to take back control of how the professional world sees you, go no further. Get your hands on this coveted, best-selling and ultra updated LinkedIn course to raise the standard of your profile. This training helps organize your LinkedIn tasks and gives you a systematic process to follow to getting your name in front of the right people! Full Course for $347 (Normally $1,497)

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30 Days To Your Dream Job

Have you been trying for a while now to land any job, let alone your dream job with no luck?

Times might seem difficult, but the true problem is that society has it all wrong when it comes down to landing your dream job. But you my friend are in the right place. I’ll show you the exact step-by-step action plan I take my private 1 on 1 coaching clients through that has enabled thousands of women to land their next dream job in 30 days or less. This action plan is not for the faint-hearted, but it you are ready for your DREAM JOB, then you need to step up to the plate because opportunity is waiting for you. If you’re ready, I’m ready for you! Full Course for $222 (Normally $697)

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30 Days To High Paying Clients

Are you a coach or consultant struggling to attract high paying clients?

Let me walk you through my process to consistently have a waitlist of high paying clients waiting to pay me for my services. I’ll show you how to implement and execute these strategies so you can land high ticket clients within the next 30 days! Full Course for $222(Normally $697)

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Her Negotiation Project

Master negotiation like a badass. Negotiate everything you want and on your terms.

Negotiations are psychological game of influence. If you know what you are worth, you understand how to persuade and you have a bullet proof strategy, you can negotiate the impossible. And guess what? As a woman, you already have the tools that guarantee you can be the best negotiator in the room. Let’s unleash your inner negotiator guru, shall we? Full Course for $997 (Value worth of $3,000)

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Her Dream Career Project

Overwhelmed with Career Confusion?

Let’s walk together through this step-by-step course in which I will show you how I’ve helped thousands of women get absolutely clear on what your next career move should be so that it absolutely aligns with your GENIUS ZONE and pays you handsomely. You’ll get clear on your goals, craft a step-by-step strategy to achieve them, all while unlocking the gates of your professional brand! Full Course for $397 (Normally $897)