How To Network Your Way Into Your Next Job

Here’s your secret guide to landing your next job without leaving the comfort of your home or having to apply through an online applicant portal. But shhhh! Most companies wouldn’t want you to know about it because it would render all their job application systems obsolete. 

Are you ready to leapfrog the resume pile?

The Working Mom's Survival Kit (When The Kids Are Home)

Because the new normal has SOOOO many mom’s feeling guilty about trying to work from home while the kids are around. Here’s your survival toolkit momma- you got this!

Career Fatigue Quiz​

Are you tired of your job? Been wanting a change for a while but can’t pinpoint why? Let’s get clear about what’s working and what’s not working with the status quo.     

If you’re ready to take back control of your career and earning potential, then we need to get clear about what’s holding you back.    


FREE 5 DayS Career Clarity Challenge ​

How do you turn all your experience into a highly profitable career? In this 5 Day Career Clarity Challenge, Olivia & the team will walk you through the process responsible for landing over 3,000 dream jobs and $10 million in salaries that were being left at the negotiation table.


Did you know over 90% of women end up settling for a job that doesn’t really satisfy them? Sadly, this happens because they feel they have no options… or they have too many options. This training will unlock the wealth code by tapping into your genius zone and on what your next move needs to be, so you can be more, earn more and make a difference.


Discover why you are struggling to make money with your business and understand the exact process I follow to make selling, coaching and consulting FUN and PROFITABLE, day in and out!