Your Career as a Brand

Olivia talks with Omer Trajman, who has built (from scratch!) multimillion-dollar companies and sold them. He shares his ADVICE ON HOW TO EMULATE WHAT HE HAS DONE IN YOUR OWN INDUSTRY.   Omer discusses ways to use negative feedback to your advantage, and shares how you can find the specific people you need to talk […]

Using Your Body as a Resource

Olivia interviews Jay Fields, who uses a blend of mindfulness, embodiment practices, and psychological theories to help people be fully alive as their truest selves. Jay shares TOOLS YOU CAN USE TO BEFRIEND YOURSELF AND ACT AS YOUR BEST SELF.   Jay tells us that on a neurobiological level, we’re hardwired to pay more attention […]

Building A Magnetic Personal Brand

Olivia talks with Cynthia Johnson about personal branding, and its importance in our current reality. Cynthia tells us that we need to focus on PROMOTING OURSELVES IN THE ONLINE WORLD BECAUSE PEOPLE LEARN ABOUT YOU THERE FIRST.   Cynthia shares her advice for showing up online, overcoming imposter syndrome, and finding out how others perceive […]

Take Action with Intention

In this episode, we are going to really break down the gender wage gap and what WE (as women) can be doing about it. But — most importantly — Olivia shares an inspirational CALL TO ARMS to motivate you to TAKE ACTION WITH INTENTION. We are all about ACTION here at Salary Coaching for Women. […]

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome with Kim Meninger

Today I’m welcoming back Kim Meninger, a women’s leadership coach who specializes in empowering early to mid-career women professionals in traditionally male dominated industries. Kim tells us to stop blaming ourselves for our feelings and ask ourselves what is happening when we experience self doubt and question our value. Think about the environmental factors and […]

A Story of Resilience & Persistence with Aziza Mohammed

Today I’m talking with Aziza Mohammed, who is passionate about gender equality. Aziza shares her story and what she has learned along the way. Aziza Mohammed is a Senior Program Officer with Women and Gender Equality Canada. She has held positions at the World Bank and International Finance Corporation. Aziza is a graduate of the […]

Kim’s Story: From Unemployed to Dream Employed in the Time of COVID-19

I am talking with one of our own today, Kim Chewning. Kim has been through HER Career School and is a part of the EmpowHER Society and she is crushing it! Kim is a seasoned property management executive who suddenly found herself unemployed in February 2019, just before COVID-19 hit and affected the entire working […]

Interview with Mom: Being Resilient While Facing Life’s Challenges

I have an extra special guest today. I am interviewing my own mom! My mom is one of my biggest role models. She has faced a lot of challenges in her life, and through it all she has been so resilient. She shares where she learned to pick herself back up when things don’t go […]

How to get Unstuck in your Career in 3 Easy Steps

Today I am talking about success, and how you can get maximum results for whatever it is you’re trying to achieve with your life and your career. If you’re feeling stuck, this is how you can get unstuck. It’s really very simple and I’m breaking it down into 3 easy steps. How many times have […]