Build Self-Confidence and Clear the Fear

Olivia and Susie Moore discuss self confidence and how to build yourself up to achieve what you want. Susie reminds us that the external world has always been uncertain and WE ACTUALLY HAVE A LOT OF CONTROL WITHIN OURSELVES.

Susie says that those who are willing to experience negative emotions are the confident ones. We should re-frame things that we think are difficult and realize that what we are experiencing is just part of the human experience. Just take action, action is the only cure for fear. 

Are you holding on to beliefs that aren’t true? Question those beliefs and TAKE ACTION TO CLEAR THE FEAR AND GET WHAT YOU WANT!




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Olivia Jaras


Having helped over 10,000 women get back on track with a purpose-driven career, and get paid what they deserve, Olivia is an award-winning author and sought after International Speaker.

She coaches women around the globe, teaches workshops for Fortune 100 companies, and is a contributor for Forbes and Entrepreneur Magazine. Olivia is also sought after as one of the top resume and negotiation experts for women.

Olivia is on a mission to help ambitious, driven women break through the glass ceilings that keep them from living their purpose and earning what they deserve.

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