How to Master Your Mindset to Unlock Your Earning Potential with Valerie Hylen

I’m talking today with leading money, mindset and law of attraction coach Valerie Hylen. Her clients lovingly referred to her as “Coach Val, the Manifesting Maven” and hundreds claim her coaching has been absolutely life-changing!

She has helped hundreds of women to reach goals they have unsuccessfully struggled with for years, or previously thought to be impossible for them!

Prior to focusing entirely on Mindset coaching, Val trained with, was certified by, and then worked as a business growth coach for two of the world’s top coaches, Chet Holmes and Tony Robbins. Valerie was named yearly as one of their top coaches in helping entrepreneurs worldwide grow their businesses and increase profits.

Valerie is also certified as a Money Market and Soul coach, and a life coach through Comprehensive Coach University.

She has worked as the Mindset Coach for Nastasha Hazlett’s “Unstoppable Influence” coaching program’s Leadership and Inner Circle members for the past several years. Natasha sought Valerie’s help when she realized that a proper mindset was the missing link for many of her clients.

She co-authored a chapter on Mindset in the book “Living Your Extraordinary Life” by Terri Levine, owner of Comprehensive Coach University.

Valerie created and sold several home-based businesses while her children were young and has been a successful real estate investor.

Valerie has definitely lived out what she coaches… when her husband passed away over 20 years ago, she was left in over $250k in debt, lost her dream home, had to move, find a JOB, and then her mother passed away — ALL within 3 months. She went from a place of total despair, grief, lack, limitation and FEAR, to building a 6 figure income and a life of abundance, after her friend introduced her to the Law of Attraction.

She went from being a skeptic at first, to seeing the miracles start to flow almost immediately after shifting her thinking and beliefs… and since then she has helped hundreds of others do the same.

Valerie’s passion is helping women to be more, do more, and earn more…without the struggle and overwhelm.




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