I am talking with Anna DiGilio today. This is a story for all of you nonbelievers out there, those of you who think you are stuck where you are.

Anna taught 2nd grade for 23 years, and absolutely loved it! She began selling her lesson plans on teacherspayteachers.com and realized that she could actually make money sharing her knowledge and expertise.

Then she learned how to build and run a business and took one step at a time to make it happen.

Anna says that there is so much more out there for women but they settle or think they can’t follow their dreams because of fear. She says she had the same fears but she focused on the small wins that made her want to reach for more.

When it comes to starting a business, Anna’s suggested first step is to think about what you love and what you have some knowledge about that you can share with others. She also says don’t worry about the “how.” How to do something reveals itself as you go.

I hope you are inspired by this example of how women like you can achieve massive success, wherever you are in life.




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