Today I’m welcoming back Kim Meninger, a women’s leadership coach who specializes in empowering early to mid-career women professionals in traditionally male dominated industries.

Kim tells us to stop blaming ourselves for our feelings and ask ourselves what is happening when we experience self doubt and question our value. Think about the environmental factors and then we can take direct action to handle the specific situations, instead of having generalized bad feelings about ourselves.

She says getting out of the more primitive, reactive state, and into the more cognitive, rational state allows you to make a less emotional analysis of the true risk. Most of the time, after you think about something, you can determine what will make you feel more confident and take action on that.

Kim also points out that we as women often don’t understand and appreciate our strengths. She says we have to start with a foundational understanding of our strengths and skills, without apologizing for them.

This is a powerful conversation on overcoming imposter syndrome and I know it can help you feel more powerful and confident!

It’s more selfish to not share your strengths and promote yourself, and it is a service to others when you do. Kim’s advice for promoting yourself is to

1. Tell your manager what you’re doing

  • Make a bulleted list of all of your accomplishments and send it to your manager at the end of every week as a service to them

2. Look at what you’re working on and ask yourself who else would benefit from this

  • Collaborations build relationships that could lead to new opportunities




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