I am talking with one of our own today, Kim Chewning. Kim has been through HER Career School and is a part of the EmpowHER Society and she is crushing it!

Kim is a seasoned property management executive who suddenly found herself unemployed in February 2019, just before COVID-19 hit and affected the entire working world.

Kim talks about how she joined the HER LinkedIn Challenge and navigated her way back into a job she loves.

She also walks through a 30 day road map outlining the advice she would give someone who suddenly found themselves out of a job. She breaks down exactly what to do each day to get to a dream job offer.

I hope this conversation inspires you and let’s you see how finding your dream job is possible, even in these trying times.

If you want some extra support along the way, be sure to join the Inner Circle Facebook group, check out the EmpowHER Society, and sign up for our next HER LinkedIn Challenge!




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