Today I am joined by Dr. Carol Parker Walsh, who is a catalyst for transformational growth and personal development. She helps her clients to stop hiding in the shadows of their brilliance and STEP INTO THE POWER OF WHO THEY ARE, THEIR VISION, PURPOSE AND THEIR LIFE’S WORK

Carol is an executive coach and personal brand strategist who uses a custom methodological approach to career coaching and career development to help her clients achieve greater confidence, clarity, and success.

“What you think about, you bring about.” – Dr. Carol Parker Walsh

Carol shares that any change starts with your thoughts and believing that it can happen. If you’re ready to make a change, START WITH SHIFTING YOUR THOUGHTS TO ACT IN A DIFFERENT WAY AND SEE WHAT IS POSSIBLE FOR YOU!

Carol discusses the importance of:

  • Exploring the desire for change, even if it seems unconventional

  • Surrounding yourself with the support of like-minded women

  • Giving yourself time and permission to explore your true identity

  • Asking yourself deeper questions to get clarity on your vision

  • Examining, challenging, and reframing negative thoughts to create a new story




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