Olivia talks with Valerie Angwin, a former LinkedIn Challenger and Her Career School Alumni, about her success story. Val is a catering manager at a local restaurant and has managed to thrive even as the restaurant industry has collapsed under COVID-19 restrictions. Listen in to hear Val talk about the STEPS SHE TOOK TO GET PROMOTED, GET A RAISE, AND RESTORE HOPE FOR HER CAREER.

Val says she knew she needed to take control of her professional brand because so much going on around her was out of her control.

She signed up for the Her LinkedIn Challenge and appreciated taking time to invest in herself and collaborate with like-minded women who encouraged her and helped her restore positive energy in her life.

Val now feels excited for what is next in her career. She is encouraged that REGARDLESS OF THE EXTERNAL FACTORS IN THE WORLD, SHE KNOWS HOW TO BE SUCCESSFUL.




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