Olivia talks with the Queen of Social Media, Rachel Pedersen, about how she became an expert on each platform and the path that led her to where she is today. Social Media is a powerful tool and can seem intimidating, but Rachel explains HOW USING SOCIAL MEDIA TO SHOWCASE YOUR PROFESSIONAL AND PERSONAL BRAND CAN BE SIMPLE AND FUN!

Rachel shares her story and talks about grit, determination, and trusting her instincts. She shares that she struggled with imposter syndrome and made a series of little pivots in her mindset to take her to the next level.

It is an exciting time in Social Media! Be sure to use it to your full advantage to MAXIMIZE YOUR REACH AND GROW YOUR BRAND.

Rachel has now mastered each social media platform, but breaks down the steps she took to get started:

  • Start with one platform at a time
  • Choose the platform you feel most aligned with
  • Learn from the resources of people you trust
  • Add in additional platforms and start producing more content




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