Today I have the privilege of talking with U.S. Army Colonel Candice Frost, Director of Foreign Intelligence for the Army G-2 within the Headquarters, Department of the Army. Candice is one of the highest ranking women in the Pentagon and she shares HOW SHE MOVED UP THE RANKS IN A MALE DOMINATED INDUSTRY AND WHAT ADVICE SHE HAS FOR OTHER WOMEN TODAY.

Candice shares her story and walks us through the steps she took that led to her successful career.

She also discusses her experience as a woman working her way up in the U.S. Army and the surprising advantages and setbacks she faced.

Candice says OWNING YOUR CRAFT IS WHAT MAKES YOU POWERFUL so dig into personal development skills and take advantage of mentorships to be the best in your career.

Other great advice from Candice:

1. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable

  • Real growth happens outside of our comfort zones

2. Keep your eye on your boss AND your boss’s boss

  • Dig into what the people 1-2 levels above you think is important and learn what they care about

3. Seek a variety of mentors

  • Choose people who look different than you, work in different industries, follow different career paths


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