Women who have their dream careers didn’t luck into it. It wasn’t some magic that got them to the place they’re currently in. Whether it was a conscious action or not, getting into your dream job came from a series of specific steps. But don’t let that scare you!  You can take strategic steps easily, without falling into a political bureaucratic nightmare.

If you’re sitting in a job you don’t like or feel like you are undervalued or underpaid, it’s time to start taking control over the situation.

There are very few things that YOU can personally control. YOU can’t control the market. YOU can’t control who your boss is or what they are like as a manager. YOU can’t control your co-workers. YOU can’t control being overlooked for promotions.

BUT, you CAN CONTROL your actions and reactions. You CAN CONTROL the steps that you take to bullet-proof your career. You CAN CONTROL your reactions and choose to elevate yourself or remain stagnant.

I am all about action! I am all about maximizing what I can control to ensure my career is not impacted by negative stimulus. I want to share a few steps you CAN CONTROL to gain back control over your current job situation and set yourself up for that dream career you’ve been reaching for.

  1. Develop your career capital- It’s time to shift how you approach your career. Start looking at your career as a business where the skills you possess are like a product you’re selling to your dream company. You have to create the demand for the things you supply.

  2. Take a look at what is truly causing your anxiety or displeasure in your current job situation- once we know where our faults lie, it becomes easier to conquer those obstacles standing in our way.

  3. Position yourself in a place where those who are searching for the skills you supply- this is where the demand will happen. I suggest using LinkedIn to showcase what you can do. Like it or not, LinkedIn is already doing this for you so make sure your profile  is updated working FOR you.

  4. Market yourself! If you’re waiting for other people to just find you on LinkedIn, you are on the defensive. I want to push you to be on the offense and position yourself in front of the right people. Use the correct language that others will be looking for you.

This is just the beginning. If you’re ready to find that dream career, join the waitlist for our upcoming HER LinkedIn Challenge. This challenge is specifically designed to help YOU TAKE CONTROL of your career so you are on the offense and not behind the play on the defensive.