Having an optimized LinkedIn profile is not only nice to have but necessary to land your dream job. This article will walk you through the steps to ensure you’ve optimized your LinkedIn profile and attract the right people directly to you.

Your first step is to create a goal for your LinkedIn profile.

Do you want a new job or a promotion?

Are you an aspiring woman entrepreneur?

Do you want to establish yourself as an expert in your field?

Or is your goal career advancement with a new position in a different company (or with the company you’re working for now)?

Defining this goal at the beginning will help you establish the way your LinkedIn profile looks.

The second piece is making sure the profile matches your goal. Here are a few key questions you can ask to ensure your profile is set.

If not…(or more likely, you have a bit of these but you aren’t sure if they are set up properly)… skip to the bottom where I talk about my amazing upcoming challenge

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The next step is to establish your gift. I know it sounds cheesy but each one of us has a gift and we’re full of potential, we just have to be able to articulate what that gift is.

What are your strengths and how can you use them to help others? I want you to think persuasion. I want you to have a very clear understanding of what you bring to the table before you start reaching out to anyone. What problem do they likely have that you can help them with? And how can you weave a story that positions you as the solution to their troubles?

If your profile is optimized, and you’re clear on your value proposition, you’re ready to start BRAINSTORMING names of people you should have in your network. You’re getting yourself ready to let recruiters/hiring managers or your potential clientele who might be searching for your solution know you’re in business. BUT ALSO REACH OUT TO PEOPLE YOU ADMIRE. Create a list of at least 30 dream people that you want to connect with on LinkedIn.

Your last step is to start reaching out and forming those relationships and connections. LinkedIn is not just a place for people to find you but for you to find other people- your dream people or people within their network. Be a real person and start forming connections.

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